As it’s unlikely I will be able to post this Christmas Eve, as we are very busy in the North Pole….oops…cough, forget you heard that…errm…

I wrote a little ditty for Christmas for y’all. It is sung to the tune of Ding Dong Merrily on High, and I’m just so grateful church did not ask us to sing this carol on Tuesday, as had been singing my own version for most of the day, lol!

I hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to you all Xx

A little Christmas ditty, sung to the tune of the carol “Ding Dong Merrily on High”:

Chaos at Santa’s Village – A Christmas Ditty

“Christmas Eve is here, it’s here,

The elves are going crazy,

Santa’s drunk too much mulled wine,

He’s really loud and lazy,

“More……. Mulled wine”, Mrs Claus is getting angry!”


“The reindeer are being elusive too,

Playing ’chase me’ with their keepers,

Secretly planning a to-do,

Swapping gifts for ivy creepers,

Thir-teeeee….. two hooves, doing ballet on the rooftops.”


“Redundant elf, he did, he did,

Slipped whisky in Santa’s cocoa,

The sleigh ride, Santa’s shouting “FOUR!!”,

Pelting gifts over, going loco,

Oh……….. my word, will Christmas ever recover!”


“But Christmas magic never dies,

For all those who are believers,

Creepers morphed ‘to a surprise,

Wide eyes and exclaims from sleepers,

Me…er-ry, Merry Christmas to you all, mwah!”

Copyright © Victoria Smith-Gillard, Dec 2016