I love acting, and have been acting since I was at primary school. I was often picked last minute as I have a photographic memory and could memorise parts (the words) quickly to replace someone who had pulled out!

But I went on and did Am Dram for most of my childhood, appearing as Mole in Wind in the Willows and many other parts. I continued later in my adult life, doing pantomime from 2011 to 2014.

Pleasing My Inner Child

I recently was blessed to be able to go to London, to the theatre, to see a play called Crown Jewels with Al Murray and Mel Giedroyc and other actors, and I haven’t laughed that much literally in years!!

But I think, for me, what I loved the most was the familiar feeling of being back somewhere that feels like home.

Theatre and stage.

Raw, live acting with some ad-lib, audience interaction and actors making each other laugh.

I love the atmosphere, the buzz in the room, the excitement as the lights begin to dim, and even the curtain calls at the end where they all come on to take their bows.

I’ve been there, and I really immerse myself when i am there.

I know what it feels like to do the quick costume changes, and the kick you get from being out there, playing a role and having fun whilst entertaining everyone.

It felt good, it felt, almost, luscious!!

Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

On my list to get back to acting, most definitely!

In the meantime, I will, where I can, just bathe in others delight to act, and soak up the atmosphere of the play, being there, and being in a theatre.

I took a photo just before the curtain came up for the 2nd half, there was orbs flying about everywhere, but difficult to see on a still.

I have asked to go down to a theatre and try to detect Spirit actvity as many theatres have experienced it (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child actually detail it in their programme!) but as yet, no theatre has obliged.

Digressing…so back to the point!

Do you do, or even know, the things that you LOVE??