Communicating with Pets in Spirit


Hearing from our pets in Spirit, through animal communication, can bring back so many lovely memories, times of laughter, times of joy or fun, but it can also bring messages that they want to convey to you, often very philosophical and profound.

Most often, it brings about a deep sense of healing, comfort, and emotional release, and allows owners to trust in themselves and what they are seeing, hearing and feeling  regarding their pet from Spirit trying to connect with them already. It strengthens that connection as we begin to trust in it and them.

Past lives have also been shared by some pets, where we have been with our pet in another life, and many times owners will say things like ‘I do feel like they are my soulmate’ ‘I know we have been together before’ ‘we have such a deep bond that feels older than this life’, ‘when I looked into their eyes, there was something familiar about them’.

So if you would like me to communicate with your pet in Spirit, please contact me by phone or email in the first instance. A couple of photos of them will be required, and the communication will last around 90mins including feedback.

I was absolutely blown away by Victoria’s communication with my beloved cat Dewey. Victoria delivered the information with love and confidence. She gave such precise information about Dewey that I had no doubt at all that it was my cat that she was communicating with. I would thoroughly recommend Victoria and would definitely go to her again.

Lorraine and Dewey

Why Working with Pets in Spirit is a passion close to my heart:

When my 17yr old cat Phoebe passed away in May 2016, I wanted more than anything for her to come through in a mediumship reading, for the medium to tell me that she was ok, she was around me, with me, safe and well having arrived ‘home’ safely. I wanted it more than any loved one ever to come through. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful they do come through, but at that heart-wrenching time that is what I wanted.

My heart was broken, and I needed that sense of connection. Her passing felt like such a jolt to my energy, to my heart, I would have given anything to get that message. I had had her since she could fit into the palm of my hand – seen her being bottle fed, stimulated to go to the loo – there was a deep bond between us.

So all of the above, THIS is why I want to relay communications from pets in Spirit to their owners. Because I can understand what it feels like to have lost a pet from our physical life, and to have that deep sense of grief, of longing, to be connected and reunited with them again. To know that she is still around in Spirit form, has made things so much easier, and for each pet that I have lost after her. I see her in my peripheral vision sometimes, I have tripped over her before, and I have seen my other elderly gentleman, Panda, sauntering through my hallway to my bedroom.  And I am sure some of you can relate to having those kinds of feelings when your own pets have passed away.

Cat In Grass Pets In Spirit Communication Ametrine Holistics

I loved my session with Victoria. I lost Summer last year due to her falling very ill unexpectedly and deteriorating fast. The vets said it was best I put her to rest and it was the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life. She was my world and I have been grieving for a long time – I miss her very much. Summer worked really well at communicating through Victoria and she shared so many happy memories we had together it was like reliving them all over again, it really made me happy. Connecting with Summer was a wonderful experience and it didn’t end when the session stopped. Thank you Victoria!

Sheena and Summer

I recently had a session with Victoria regarding animal communication with our black labrador called Heather.  She passed many years ago so I was delighted to have the opportunity to reconnect with her.


The session was heartwarming and emotional in places as Heather   described our time together. Victoria was able to give me very clear and detailed information about Heather’s life here with our family. It   was a  lovely experience to spend time working with Victoria in this magical way. 


Victoria puts good boundaries into her sessions so you feel safe and able to ask any questions you may have.  She is warm and friendly in her approach with her clients. I was delighted to learn  so much about  Heather and the time we had together and already I have been able to sense her more clearly than before. It was a very valuable session and I very much look forward to working with Victoria again.

Rebecca and Heather

Victoria did an animal communication spirit reading for me recently for one of my cats, or what we thought was for one of my cats because during the reading we actually received messages from all three of my cats who had passed to spirit. This was amazing because when I spoke to Victoria about which cat to choose for the reading, I found it difficult to single one out specifically as I really wanted to speak to each of them for different reasons. To then have had the wonderful opportunity to communicate with all of them during the communication was such a blessing and genuine surprise. As we both realised early on into the reading that we had more than one cat communicating, Victoria, held the space compassionately and with gentleness as at times it was deeply emotional, especially when we spoke of their passing over. The communication, was such a transformative experience because it enabled me to ask my pets questions that had haunted me specifically when two of my cats had passed over very traumatically. One of the things that really resonated with me was how Victoria communicated with each of them, in such a caring, patient, understanding and gentle way. She was able to gain clarity around their answers, conveyed their personalities perfectly and intuitively and energetically knew when she was communicating with a different one. The communication was deeply enlightening and also freeing for many reasons. I would highly recommend Victoria and her services. She is extremely professional, friendly, caring, understanding and sensitive. She clearly has a unique gift and natural intuitive ability to communicate with animals. Thank you so much for an amazing, heartfelt, transformative and truly blessed experience. It is one that I will always treasure.

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