Victoria Smith-Gillard Dip.CBH AMACDip.

Hi, I’m Victoria, director of Ametrine Holistics Ltd,

As a People and Pet Therapist I work predominantly with animals and their female owners, helping them to resolve behavioural and emotional issues with their pets e.g. separation anxiety, bereavement, aggression, and create deeper unity, understanding, compassion and connection between them both.  I can also help owners to heal the issue(s) that are playing a part in the presenting problem. My passion is Canine Flow, where I help dogs to transform their behaviour by releasing stress, tension, fear and trauma from their cells. I also help human clients make desired positive changes in their life at the deepest level of limiting beliefs, where the greatest impact can be made.

A little bit about me… 
I’m a very intuitive, spiritual person spending most of my time crafting, writing, in nature, reading and singing.  I have a keen and personal interest in complementary medicine and therapies, nutrition and getting to know and love your true self.  I love to learn, always have, and enjoy exploring how I can further and expand on my knowledge to serve my clients best.

“Learning (for a client or therapist) is never the end,

but a new beginning

of self-development and growth”

Victoria Smith-Gillard


I have a massive passion for working with animals: as a trained Canine Flow Practitioner, I help dogs manage their emotions through the unique heart-based dog training techniques called Canine Flow, whilst also educating owners about their dog’s emotions and what their dogs may be trying to show them (what they need to heal).

This naturally then lends itself to therapies for people.  Being trained in a number of therapies (see HERE for more) allows me to identify the influence a pet owner may be having on their pet, and provide insights, resources and resolutions where appropriate.

I am a Certified Rahanni Healing Practitioner and an Animal Communicator.  In my consultations I often use a combination of therapies to provide support to a pet and/or their owner.

I look forward to meeting you all, wherever you are along the journey of your life.

Warmest Regards, Victoria