Victoria Smith-Gillard Dip.CBH AMACDip.


I have recorded some special meditations for you.  Please enjoy.

At this time of planetary ascension, many are being called to heal ancestral wounds or ties. Come and meet with Archangel Raphael, the Divine Physician and Healing Angel to help you facilitate healing through your bloodline and ancestors, sensing healing taken place in whatever way is meant to for you and your ancestors today.

The world is moving towards unity consciousness, towards a 5th Dimension of Unconditional Love, where we are all one, for there is no separation. In order to do this, and what is happening currently, we are moving from a wounded Divine Masculine energy which has dominated society for years, to bringing back in the Divine Feminine as we need both energies within us to be balanced, whether we are men or women. Immerse yourself in this Divine Feminine Meditation where Kwan Yin/Quan Yin (Goddess of Compassion, Mother of Mercy, Healer of Children) will be joining you with the pink ray of light of unconditional love. You will connect with her beauty, grace and her deep sense of love for humanity. Feel the pink ray of light begin to dissolve all that is needed to be let go of – fears, beliefs, lack of self-acceptance and self-love, and continue to connect with and feel the Divine Feminine energy within you to allow balance within your body, mind and spirit. Begin to awaken and connect deeper with your natural essence of truth, compassion and love with this meditation. Please enjoy and give yourself a few moments after to just be and enjoy the experience you have felt with this connection.

Allow Pegasus to take you on a magical journey, a journey unique to what is right for you to experience today. Feel him, be present with him and enjoy a deep connection with this majestic animal and the message he has to share with you. Hope you enjoy!