Victoria is an authentic, empathic and intuitive healer and therapist, helping human clients reach their goals, and creating better unity and understanding for our beautiful animal kingdom and their human counterparts. Bringing “Awareness is Empowerment” to all her talks, Victoria speaks from her heart, engaging and interacting with her audience, painting metaphorical pictures and moving her listeners, to inspire, delight, enthrall, motivate and make people think.


Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
Practitioner in NLP
Practitioner in Canine Flow
Diploma in Animal Magic Animal Communication Soul Speak  © Method
Practitioner and Teacher in Rahanni Celestial Healing
Certificate in Life Coaching
Practitioner in TFT (Tapping) and traned in basic EFT
Trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for use with Animals
Student Practitioner in Sound Healing (Tuning Forks)



Victoria has spoken at various professional networking events incl. MidKent Ladies Who Latte, dog shows, and psychic fayres, giving demonstrations and enlightening audiences with her engaging talks about both human and animal therapies/services.  She has also been interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 5 and All Business Media FM, and is in the WI List of Speakers 2017-2019.


Talk Titles:

‘My Journey as an Animal Communicator’ – Sit comfortably as we take you through a journey of heartwarming stories and tales from my time communicating with animals.
‘Pets Are Our Mirrors’ – learn what, how and why pets are our mirrors, as I share with you not just the science behind this, but also some common real-life examples in my time as a People and Pet Therapist, giving you insights about yourself and others.
‘Emotionally Understanding Your Dog’ – the missing jigsaw piece…a heart centred approach to dog behaviour. Most treatment for pets excludes this important element, the Heart, and on this talk you will learn more how that links to us as owners, other sentient beings, and what it means for your dog (or pet) in relation to their own world. You will go away feeling more empowered about how to communicate differently with your own pet to influence their behaviour. If enough time allows, you will also experience a 10-15min meditation which you can continue to do at home.
‘Part of me this….Part of me that’ – I’m sure there will be times when you have said ‘part of me wants to give up X, but part of me doesn’t because…’ . You will experience an insightful journey into conflicts in our inner world parading as habits, procrastination, feeling stuck, and more. Our personality is made up of different parts of us, and in this talk you will gain an overview of what we mean by parts, how we can tell if we have an inner conflict, what creates that, and how we go about resolving it. If there is time, I will take you through an exercise to work with your own inner conflict right there and then, which can be powerful and lightening.
‘Facing up to Fibromyalgia, and Winning!’ – my own personal journey, bringing bursts of insights, a-ha’s, awareness and resources which the doctor cannot tell you
‘E-motion: energy in motion’ – How emotions have a message; when we don’t listen; and how to help.
‘Habits: what keeps yours going?’ – a good look into the world of habits, and what lies underneath. Let’s delve deep!
What is Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT?’ – Definitions, uses, benefits and some take-home tips that you can apply to your own life to help you think, feel and behave differently.
‘The 7 Major Personality Parts’ – Our personality is made up of different parts of us that have specific roles within our psyche. Think Perfectionist, Inner Critic, and a Loving Part of us. These and others we will be discussing on this talk, and you will learn their role in our lives, how they show up, their influence and what you can do to make sure their role is balanced in our life, versus overused/underused.
‘Tapping for Emotional Release’ – this interactive talk will teach you what Tapping is, and allow you to experience how it can be used in your life, or anyone around you, to help manage emotions, release repetitive disempowering thoughts/beliefs, and even how it can help to manage such conditions as pain. You will experience Tapping as I demonstrate this with you and for you, so do join in and you will feel better for it. 
‘What You Think Affects How You Feel and Behave’ – Journey through this concept with informative handouts about our thinking patterns and how they can affect us; learn ways to challenge and reframe your thinking and I will be happy to use real-time examples to make this talk interactive and help you at the same time. You will learn about BAC, ABCDE and what they mean in terms of our thinking and you will leave feeling empowered and much more self-aware.
‘How Past Life Regression (PLR) Can Help Us Heal’ – In this talk, you will begin to understand what PLR is, its benefits, techniques, and several examples and resources if you wish to explore further. If this is a workshop (3.5hrs), then you will also experience a mini-session of PLR and have time after to discuss what you experienced with your fellow participants.


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