Animal Communication


Animal Communication is a telepathic link between your animal/pet and me, which can help to resolve emotional and behavioural issues through understanding their needs, just hearing them out oftentimes, and passing on those words/needs to you to take action where required.

Think about how you feel when you haven’t been listened to when you have a problem, and how you feel better when someone does listen and takes action to rectify things. Our pets are just the same!

Some can be highly sensitive, some don’t like change, some have problems with their siblings or other household members, some are craving connection or experiencing fear, and so the list goes on…your pet/animal chooses whether they communicate with me, and also what information they do/don’t want to give to me, but I’ve not had one say ‘no’ yet!

I came to see Victoria for help for my dog Benji. He was showing symptoms of anxiety, and a few times I found him shaking. Initially, I thought he might have heard some fireworks or that he heard a loud sound but I quickly realised that wasn’t the case. I was concerned that he was anxious and worried about something and I didn’t know what it was or how I could have helped him. I am very grateful to have met Victoria because she was able to communicate with Benji and help ease his anxiety. Benji responded well to Victoria and settled with her very quickly. Benji even sat on her settee and fell into a deep sleep. The information Victoria shared with us was very fitting and make a lot of sense. Since seeing Victoria, Benji has been much more relaxed and showing no signs of anxiety. He is back to his regular happy, loving self. My family and I highly recommend Victoria (we call her the dog whisperer), we are very grateful for all of her work she has done to help Benji

Alison Nixon, Health & Wellbeing Coach

So why would you ask me to communicate with your pet/animal?

Well, some of you will be curious to ‘try’ animal communication and are open-minded to this ability. Some of you will be experiencing an issue with your pet and ask me to communicate with them to help move towards resolution. Naturally, animal communication is NOT an alternative to veterinary medicine and this is made clear when you book a session.

Some of your beloved pets will have passed away and you are looking for me to connect with them in spirit for a sense of comfort and reassurance.

From cases so far, I would also say an animal communication session:

  • Gives your pet a way to express themselves – their voice, their needs – and for them to feel heard.
  • Creates a deeper emotional bond and understanding between you and your pet – as you see their personalities come through in a session.
  • Can create more respect, compassion and love between you and your pet.
  • Can allow you to understand what your pet’s needs are at that moment in time.
  • Can offer you insights into the issues you are experiencing, and ways you are influencing your pet.
  • Can promote healing for you and your pet.
  • Can build trust and improve your pet-owner relationship as you take action to meet your pet’s needs where appropriate.
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I’ve been working with Victoria recently & I can highly recommend her skills especially in animal communication.  My two cats who are brother & sister had become extremely hostile towards each other for some time. After working with Victoria she worked out by communicating with one of my cats what the fundamental problem was. Since then, their relationship has changed & they are completely at ease with each other. They groom each other & the hostility has now completely disappeared.
I would just like to say thank you t Victoria. An exceptionally talented & compassionate person who totally connects with our animals

Cherie Bennett, Permanent Make-Up Consultant

Thank you so much for coming.  It was an absolute joy to hear your conversation with Effie, and such a relief to hear her story.  I asked Victoria to see Effie, my Staffie, after Effie had had a major operation to remove a obstruction (piece of rubber toy) from her bowel. Effie had found this when out walking, and had done the same thing the year before. Both times she nearly died. I asked Victoria to have a chat with Effie to find out why Effie found and ate these pieces of rubber. Effie told Victoria that she was nervous sometimes whilst out and eating something soothed her. Victoria explained how dangerous this was and agreed with Effie to eat grass, rather than larger objects. Since then Effie eats grass often and has never swallowed anything else that could hurt her. I would highly recommend Victoria – she knows her stuff!

Linda Bishopp, Psychotherapist and Healer

Victoria has a unique gift for working with animals and their owners. My dog was recently behaving in a most unusual way and refusing to go to her bed in the lounge and would avoid the room completely if she could. Franny is an old dog of 13 and at first, I thought the behaviour was age related. However, something told me with the speed at which the odd behaviour began that there was something more to it, but that I had no way of getting to the bottom of it, so I asked Vitoria to help. I explained that not only was Franny refusing to go to her bed she was extremely anxious and pacing up and down the hall all night long, and seemed to be working herself up into a highly anxious state. No amount of my attention seemed to soothe her. After a telephone consultation and supplying a photo of Franny, Victoria was able to communicate with Franny and discover the problem. It turned out that Franny had questions about my new home and why we had moved. She was feeling a little confused about the move and in addition there was a spirit present that was upsetting and disturbing her. Remote healing was administered, spirit removal activated as well as installing the Pet Remedy diffuser containing essential oils to calm and reduce stress and anxiety, Things improved dramatically and almost immediately.

 After working with Victoria and her ability to communicate with Franny, the problem was solved and peace has been restored. Franny is happy and relaxed once more and I am getting a full night’s sleep. Thank you, Victoria, your knowledge and skills are magical and amazing. I have no idea how you do what you do but your work is priceless. This work is essential for both the owner and the animal’s happiness.

Aly Harrold

We had a problem with our Yorkshire terrier Cookie. Continually licking, his paws, his bed, the air, pretty much everything. I’d read somewhere on the Internet that it was a sign of nausea, but nothing we tried seemed to make any difference. Then we got in contact with Victoria, who came and spoke to Cookie, who complained that actually his teeth and gums hurt. Since that day we have started brushing his teeth, and he actually looks forward to this each morning and… No more licking! We are so happy to have our happy little fella back, and it’s all thanks to Victoria and her wonderful Animal Communication skills. I would recommend unhesitatingly for any animal related issues xx

Keara Hanson