Tarot and Mediumship



I am a Spiritual Medium.  I’m mainly a visual (clairvoyant) and feelings/sensations (clairsentient) Medium, but Spirit does give me information through all of my senses. Like other Mediums, they also use my body to convey messages, through things like body language/posture, and gesticulations/hand movements.

I have worked on Platform in Spiritual churches and centres, and I also offer 121 Mediumship readings as well, bringing through your loved ones from the world of Spirit.
I also work with Pets in Spirit, please click this link Pets in Spirit Communication – Ametrine Holistics for more information.
Readings are 30-45mins.
Please see my terms and conditions for pricing information for the 121 Mediumship readings, which can be in person, or online (through Zoom).
Highly recommend Victoria. I had a lovely reading as part of my healing journey. Every card and message was so on point and meaningful. It’s given me renewed hope and energy with ideas on how to move forward again to this next phase. Thank you x
Kate Allen


I also work with Tarot (not Rider Waite cards) and Oracle cards, working more on an intuitive and psychic level, to bring through insights from the cards dealt and what I pick up from your energy field (working psychically).
Being a qualified therapist, most readings also come with some wisdom, knowledge or activities that can enhance your current life from the information that the cards have given.
pet walking, sitting and dog hypnotherapy in kent
As a recipient of one of these readings I can honestly say that the information that came through was 100% accurate. It was so comforting and reassuring to reconnect with family. Also I received valuable advice on a present difficult situation which was very welcome. Thank you Victoria for a brilliant reading x
Rebecca Martin

pet walking, sitting and dog hypnotherapy in kent
Readings are 30-45 minutes and done online (through Zoom), and I email you a copy of the card layout afterwards. Readings in person depend on the availability of a room. I also am based at several Psychic Fayres to do readings each year.
I can also offer a combination reading (Tarot and Mediumship) which is a longer reading of up to 1hr15mins.
Please see my terms and conditions for pricing information for the 121 Tarot/Oracle Card readings.
I had a card reading today from Victoria which was spot on and really helpful. Victoria is an excellent medium, I asked for guidance in my work life which she was able to give me through the cards and her guides. Thank you Victoria I really appreciated your expertise xx
Annette Norbury

Disclaimer:  Readings (Mediumship or Tarot) are given for entertainment purposes only, I am required by law to state this. However, I never see working with a client as entertainment.
Please always understand you are responsible for your own mental, emotional and physical well-being, and anything shared during a reading is your responsibility as to how you move forward with that information.
I am not a doctor, and therefore do not diagnose or foretell your health, nor will you be advised to stop any treatment or medications. Please consult your doctor or a trained medical professional for medical advice or concerns you have with your own health. Thank you.