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Hi, I’m Victoria, director of Ametrine Holistics Ltd, and my mission is to create deeper unity, understanding, compassion and connection between people and their pets so they can live more harmoniously.  As a People and Pet Therapist I predominantly help female pet owners to resolve behavioural and emotional issues with their pets e.g. separation anxiety, bereavement, sibling issues, noise phobias etc.  I can also help owners to heal the issue(s) that may be playing a part in the presenting problem. My passions are: communicating with pets in spirit to create an energetic connection between pets and their owner(s) offering healing, comfort, and reassurance; resolving issues where Spirits in the house are affecting your pet; past life issues between you and your pet; and I am currently investigating helping owners with separation anxiety with pets (yes, cats do get sep anxiety too!)






Available wherever you need it

For animals I mostly work distantly and/or online, but can also work on a mobile basis (within a selected catchment area), where I come to your pet’s home/place of residence, as this can allow me to gather information directly, and can be beneficial if you prefer face-to-face sessions.

It also allows your pet to feel safe in familiar surroundings.

I currently travel in Kent, Essex and parts of South-East London.

For People, I can visit you (Mobile, within a catchment area) or we can work together online, or by phone.

I am also registered on the Hypnotherapy Directory HERE

Award-Winning Help you can trust

I have a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, and I’m a Certified Practitioner in NLP, Life Coaching, TFT (Tapping), and Rahanni Celestial Healing. I am trained in basic EFT, plus EMDR (great for trauma release and PTSD) and Parts Therapy (great for almost any issue). I use these therapies together to complement, and provide a tailored client-led approach to tackle your issue(s). I have a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health as well, and regularly do Continued Professional Development to enhance my skillset. I also teach Rahanni, and am a Tarot Reader and Medium.

Other Services

Speaking Opportunities

Victoria is an authentic, empathic and intuitive healer and therapist, helping human clients reach their goals, and creating better unity and understanding for our beautiful animal kingdom and their human counterparts. Bringing “Awareness is Empowerment” to all her talks, Victoria speaks from her heart, engaging and interacting with her audience, painting metaphorical pictures and moving her listeners, to inspire, delight, enthrall, motivate and make people think.


I just want my pet to stop this behaviour! : Cats scratching carpets

I just want my pet to stop this behaviour! : Cats scratching carpets

You may recall this kitty who I worked with on Monday. Another behaviour she does is scratch carpets. She does this in certain areas/rooms, and also it has got progressively worse since the building works started. I asked her how she was feeling when she does this: annoyed, frustrated, i don’t like change, my routine has been abandoned. This was her way of expressing her emotions, keeping her energy moving which ultimately helps her feel safe.

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