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Rahanni Celestial Healing

In July 2020, I qualified as a Teacher of Rahanni and am therefore qualified to attune people to this lovely healing modality. Practitioner Training dates are held throughout the year, currently on various Sundays, 9.30am-5pm, based in Maidstone, Kent. If you are interested in being attuned to Rahanni, please either email me at to enquire about further dates or keep an eye on my website for my calendar coming soon for 2024.

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Beneficial for both people and pets, Rahanni is a hands-on healing therapy, a modality of balance.  It’s a complementary therapy for both body and mind.

Rahanni means ‘of one heart’, meaning we’re all one, and interconnected.  It’s the ‘new’ healing modality for this ‘Golden Age of Aquarius’.

‘Ra’ refers to the most powerful Ancient Egyptian Sun God, The Father of all creation. ‘Hanni’ is a Hebrew girl’s name, meaning Favoured Grace. It is said that the Earth’s separation from Source is called ‘the Fall from Grace’, and that it is now time for her to return to move this planet towards unconditional love.

Rahanni Healing vibrates on a pink ray of light, corresponding with the heart energy centre/chakra.  It helps to open the heart centre up to truth, love and compassion (for ourselves and others) – humanity’s natural essence being pure, unconditional love

Everything has a vibration. We all vibrate with universal energy.  Rahanni can therefore be used with nature and animals, as well as human beings.  It is also safe to use Rahanni with women from day one of their pregnancy.

I had the pleasure of some Rahanni healing last night and it was just what I needed. Victoria is a skilled therapist with much knowledge and insight and the energy was powerful enough to give me a much-needed rest. She brought up several things to look at and I also got some insight through the healing myself. I thoroughly recommend her services and you would do yourself a huge favour to book a session with her.
Gary Hewitt

I have had a most beautiful Rahanni Celestial Healing session from Victoria today. I took the Practitioner course this year and have loved giving Rahanni with lovely feedback, but wanted to experience it fully for myself 💗From the start I felt a loving weight over my solar plexus and the energy flowed so beautifully throughout – Victoria is a wonderful Healer, with her knowledge and gentle approach, and I Highly Recommend her – even better go and learn it for yourself at Victoria’s next session 🙏💖 xxx

Joanne Anderson

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What are the aims of Rahanni?

Rahanni aims to:

  • Bring about peace of mind, the forgiveness of others and yourself, and relaxation
  • Bring the body back into balance – balancing of the masculine and feminine energies (as we all hold the energy of both), chakras and body’s systems.
  • Clear negativity (negative thought patterns, hate, jealousy, anger and judgement,etc.)

Rahanni helps to:

  • Emotionally – to help shift past trauma, let go of emotional pain and heal the heart centre
  • Physically – to help release any infection or block within areas of the body, and strengthen the immune system
  • Spiritually – to help bring about healing at a soul level (where required)
  • Mentally – to help release all fear-based ways of thinking and replace them with positive thoughts and healing energy

How Does Healing Work?

It is a client’s Higher Self who decides where and when the healing is needed within their mind, body and soul.

As Practitioners, we are a channel for this healing energy from Source, that is beamed down from higher dimensions of reality by Celestial Pink Angels, allowing the Practitioner to connect with other higher beings of light* – for the highest good of the client, dependent on the condition(s) they are presenting with.

*Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy and healer of children and emotions), Lord Melchizedek (protector and guide of light workers), and Saint Francis of Assisi (with animals), to name a few.

The Earth’s vibration had to be raised for the energy to be sustained, from a 3rd to a 4th dimension of reality.  We are now moving towards the 5th dimension – all about love, forgiveness and compassion for all.  Rahanni works on a higher vibration, so that healing can happen quicker, which naturally is beneficial to the person or animal receiving it.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

We would normally recommend 3 sessions to begin with, for you to start noticing the benefits. However, everyone is unique so you may start to feel the benefit after just one session (as some of my clients have done),  or it may take you a little longer, depending on the healing you require.

How May I Feel After a Session of Rahanni?

You may feel lighter, relaxed, calm and peaceful.  You may have a real glow about you. You may feel refreshed and energized. Those are the main feelings reported by my clients.  I would recommend that you drink water after a session.


“I certainly felt much calmer about everything, more relaxed and calmer around the kids….I had a good night’s sleep…..I feel it did bring me much needed calmness and peace…” 

Pete D

Animal Healing

This is a beautifully gentle, universal healing energy that promotes wellbeing and healing. It can be so beneficial, helping animals physically, emotionally and spiritually; helping to balance their whole system, to release emotions and traumatic memories, and providing a sense of relaxation, and by doing this, it can give them, their mind, body and spirit more of a chance to heal itself. I provide this service to a variety of animals, but mainly dogs, cats and horses/ponies.

Animals have chakras (energy centres), very similar locations to ourselves, which can get out of balance and show in a variety of ways. Rahanni can help to get their energy flowing better within, positively impacting the receiver.

I would definitely recommend Victoria for animal healing. Scooter has had a few small concerns that had being playing on my mind so we embarked on some healing. It was fabulous to see what came through and it’s given me great comfort to know that he has shown awareness of them and released some of his concerns through the session. This allows us together to work through or be aware of these together as a team. Thank you so much Victoria

Kelly and Scooter

Freya was in good spirit after the healing. Relaxed and sleepy on the day after the healing and energetic days after.  She was very loving and affectionate and seemed to be in a very good mood.

Johanna and Freya

When we arranged for Ivy to receive some healing from Victoria we were unsure of what to expect. Ivy is one of our rescue hens and had to come and live in the house for a few weeks as she was being bullied so badly by the others that she had stopped eating and drinking as it drew attention to her from the other hens. 

Arranging the healing was really easy with Victoria and once completed we received an email to let us know the time it had been done and attached were the notes from the healing. There were two pages of notes!! Ivy got the chance to communicate to us that she was grateful we have helped her, plus let Victoria know about her great love for Corn on the Cob!!! Her personality was described perfectly by Victoria via Ivy and we were given some areas to be aware of and watch for too, such as her foot irritation.

After Ivy received her healing she is able to settle much quicker then she used to and doesn’t allow Echo, our House Duck, to push her around anywhere near so much! In fact, her confidence has grown so much she will take items from my Terriers food bowls if we aren’t careful to watch her!!! 

The notes from Ivy’s session were sent across the same day as the healing session and were set out in a way that we could read through easily. It was so interesting to read through Ivy’s feedback and see how she viewed things as this helps us to understand how we can help her better. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Victoria for a healing session with any of my pets; Terriers, Chickens, Ducks and Quail!

Joe, Nutkins and Ivy

Lots of things that she told you / that you sensed make sense… I’ve noticed more of lightness in her today. For the first time in ages, she asked to exchange energy with me on our walk. We used to compete in Rally Obedience, something that she loves. She used to always ask to play rally by doing her best heelwork without being asked. Then the game or exchange starts, she gets a treat, I ask her to do something, she gets a treat and so on. Today she asked to play this… Tonka is doing well. Small changes are showing more of how she used to be. We had a fire in the garden last Friday (we sit around it and have a relaxing time of it) for the first time in months she came and joined us. She’d taken to watching us from inside. It was so lovely to have her snuggled in with us. She is also more general playful… She’s gained so much, as have I… she has clearly benefited from this.  It’s easy to think with an older dog that it’s just old age, but clearly, this wasn’t the case for Tonka.  She has more zest for life again

Vanessa B and Tonka

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