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Coming from a background of working in veterinary referrals, owning my own cat for 17½ years, and observing how, by being empathic, I could feel and understand animals at a deeper level than many around me, led me to train in the services I now offer. I take the well-being of your little one – or big, for that matter – very seriously, and I am passionate about doing this work to allow you as owners to understand and listen to your pets on a deeper level, to create unity, connection, compassion and to help resolve issues going on for your pets, and ultimately yourselves too! I work both with you and your animals and it is therefore important that you are open to this if you wish for us all to work together. My background as a trained therapist allows me to combine those elements to create maximum impact for both of you with the work that I do.


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Canine Flow (Heart-Based Dog Training)

Canine Flow is a unique, heart-based form of dog training, working with your dog’s emotions to influence and transform their behaviour. I teach you about your dog’s emotions, what influences them and how and why they express themselves… and teach healthy ways your dog can express themselves. Techniques include Professional Canine Hypnotherapy (dog hypnotherapy) which can allow your dog to feel safer, calmer and less reactive, by releasing emotions like stress/tension, fear, and cellular memories (memories and emotions that are trapped within their cells). Aroma-Flow (aromatherapy oils) can also be used, yet again helping them to release emotional issues from the past or the present – ultimately helping them to let go of their past (just like we have to) to create inner peace. Most clients I see have already visited their vet and/or tried other dog training previously. Your dog’s emotions are the forgotten piece of the jigsaw puzzle to helping and understanding them better.

Everything your dog does is to feel safe. Dogs don’t think, they FEEL.
Dogs are empathic (able to pick up energy in the environment and within people/other animals). Emotion is just energy in motion.

They connect to us heart to heart, so can be a messenger for us too, showing us, like a mirror, what is unresolved within us. Helping them, to help you, to help them. You may need to re-read that!
Being a trained therapist allows me to work in this way with both yourself and your dog, as ultimately how you feel affects how they feel. It is important you are open to working this way if you are investing in this service.

So, Canine Flow (CF) focuses on your dog’s emotional wellbeing, and can influence and transform the way they behave.  This can be for general relaxation or for more specific issues e.g. separation anxiety, loud noises, aggression, post-operative recovery – anything where their emotions may be having a negative impact on them.

Dogs generally become calmer, more relaxed physically and emotionally, and happier and freer within themselves – because they feel safer – affecting their responses to external stimuli, and a calmer dog generally means a calmer owner.

For Canine Flow, I provide:
1-2-1 consultations (Home Visits Preferable, Online Available)
Relax-Dog™ Classes:
In these classes, you will experience Canine Flow techniques that can help your dog feel safer, calmer and less reactive; gain a deeper understanding about you and your dog; take home resources to implement. Classes are 1hr and are online, outdoor or indoor.
Tea Pawties:
Sit and enjoy a relaxing drink’n’nibbles whilst your canine companion experiences their own Doggie Afternoon Tea. Then, settle down together to learn about your dog’s emotions AND experience a Relax Dog Class. Like any party, you get a Doggy-Bag to take home and there will be a raffle prize to enter for during the party too! Tea Pawties are 2hrs in total. Venue may vary.

Please see my Ametrine Holistics Ltd Facebook page, Eventbrite, or contact me, to find out the latest availability for classes or pawties.

Check out www.canineflow.com for more detailed information on these unique training techniques, and the bottom of this page for testimonials.


Rahanni Celestial Healing
This is a beautifully gentle, universal healing energy that promotes wellbeing and healing. It can be so beneficial, helping animals physically, emotionally and spiritually; helping to balance their whole system, to release emotions and traumatic memories, and providing a sense of relaxation, and by doing this, it can give them, their mind, body and spirit more of a chance to heal itself. I provide this service to a variety of animals, but mainly dogs, cats and horses/ponies.

Animals have chakras (energy centres), very similar locations to ourselves, which can get out of balance and show in a variety of ways. Rahanni can help to get their energy flowing better within, positively impacting the receiver.


Animal Communication (AC)
Animal Communication is a telepathic link between your animal/pet and me, which can help to resolve emotional and behavioural issues through understanding their needs, just hearing them out oftentimes, and passing on those words/needs to you to take action where required. Think about how you feel when you haven’t been listened to when you have a problem, and how you feel better when someone does listen, and takes action to rectify things. Our pets are just the same! Some can be highly sensitive, some don’t like change, some have problems with their siblings or other household members, some are craving connection or experiencing fear, and so the list goes on…your pet/animal chooses whether they communicate with me, and also what information they do/don’t want to give to me, but I’ve not had one say ‘no’ yet!

So why would you ask me to come and see your pet/animal? Well, some of you will be curious to ‘try’ animal communication and are open-minded to this ability. Some of you will be experiencing an issue with your pet and ask me to communicate with them to help move towards resolution. Naturally, animal communication is NOT an alternative to veterinary medicine and this is made clear when you book a session. Some of your beloved pets will have passed away and you are looking for me to connect with them in Spirit for a sense of comfort and reassurance. From cases so far, I would also say an animal communication session: creates a deeper emotional bond and understanding between you and your pet – as you see their personalities come through in a session; it can allow you insights into the issues you are experiencing and ways you as the owner may be influencing them; it can allow you to understand what your pet’s needs are at that moment in time; and it can allow your pets themselves a path of expression.

Please see further down this page for testimonials.


Canine Flow Training, Pet Sitting and Animal Communication in Kent..
Canine Flow Training, Pet/House Sitting and Dog walking in Kent..

Testimonials – Canine Flow

“Victoria has helped me and my dog Freya so much, she is a complete natural with dogs, Freya immediately connected with her laid back and relaxed approach. Freya was very scared of being washed or bathed and it only took 2 sessions with Victoria for her to totally change and become different in her behaviour. Freya is now a much happier dog and I understand much more about dogs behaviour and feel I have become a better owner. Thank you Victoria x” – Zoe Goodman

“With Victoria’s help, I was able to silently communicate with Blarney and she quickly began to come to me, even licking my face and hands.  Now she chooses to sit on my lap and jumps on my bed in the morning and ‘kisses’ me awake. The difference in her is nothing short of amazing.  I cannot thank Victoria enough. Through the practice of Canine Flow we are now a very happy family.” – D & B Swain

“Flora is a very energetic boxer who had a TPLO surgery which has a 6 month recovery period. I decided to try Canine Flow because although the surgery had repaired she was certainly less confident and was still a little stiff on the injured leg.  On the first visit Flora really took to Victoria and wasn’t nervous at all. Victoria did a full assessment of Flora and observed Flora at home. She used energy spirals in the vicinity of the injury and around Flora’s head. Flora calmed easily and seemed to enjoy the calm attention she was receiving. Victoria then did a hypnosis on Flora and incredibly Flora relaxed and settled down and really seemed to benefit form the hypnotic state. After the session Flora has a really restful evening and was noticeably calmer.  I continued with the energy spirals in the injured leg between the next session and Flora was fine with me doing that it did seem to help with any slight niggle she was having.  I can recommend Victoria without a doubt, she really did manage to calm a normally very energetic dog and I was surprised how receptive Flora was to Canine Flow. Victoria is great with the dogs and you can tell she really loves her work in the great results she is achieving.” – Deborah Turner, Image Consultant

Testimonials – Animal Communication

“I came to see Victoria for help for my dog Benji. He was showing symptoms of anxiety, and a few times I found him shaking. Initially, I thought he might have heard some fireworks or that he heard a loud sound but I quickly realised that wasn’t the case. I was concerned that he was anxious and worried about something and I didn’t know what it was or how I could have helped him. I am very grateful to have met Victoria because she was able to communicate with Benji and help ease his anxiety. Benji responded well to Victoria and settled with her very quickly. Benji even sat on her settee and fell into a deep sleep. The information Victoria shared with us was very fitting and make a lot of sense. Since seeing Victoria, Benji has been much more relaxed and showing no signs of anxiety. He is back to his regular happy, loving self. My family and I highly recommend Victoria (we call her the dog whisperer), we are very grateful for all of her work she has done to help Benji.” – Alison Nixon, Health & Wellbeing Coach

“I’ve been working with Victoria recently & I can highly recommend her skills especially in animal communication.  My two cats who are brother & sister had become extremely hostile towards each other for some time. After working with Victoria she worked out by communicating with one of my cats what the fundamental problem was. Since then, their relationship has changed & they are completely at ease with each other. They groom each other & the hostility has now completely disappeared.
I would just like to say thank you t Victoria. An exceptionally talented & compassionate person who totally connects with our animals.” – Cherie Bennett, Permanent Make-Up Consultant

“Thank you so much for coming.  It was an absolute joy to hear your conversation with Effie, and such a relief to hear her story….” – Linda Bishopp, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Healer

pet sitting and dog hypnotherapy in kent