Yesterday was a very interesting day, as we wanted to try to get to the bottom of a health concern.

Every time someone massages the top of my neck and shoulders, my body goes into a stress response.

Now once, yes I would think may be it was just a stressful day or something. Twice, meh, perhaps I was cold.

Then you get into THIS way of life (spiritual, metaphysical), and realise hmmm, wondering if this is something from a past life…as you do. I work with it with animals and their owners, and with myself too in the past (no pun intended). I find it FASCINATING! 🤩

Time to explore…

So yesterday I had the lovely osteopath Shelley James look into this for me, connecting with my fascia and what came about was something my body had already told me had happened which was that I was drowned and strangled in a past life (same one…probably cos I was a witch…sounds like me!!)

She could sense my arm being twisted behind my back as I was pushed forward. My past self felt she needed to protect me massively, and once she realised this wasn’t serving me anymore, she let go. Now that was my right side.

On my left side…Shelley also picked up on sharp pain right in the centre of my left shoulder joint and where she pinpointed was EXACTLY where I had had sharp pains in 2011…when I thought I was having a heart attack, but worked on the fact that other than the sharp pain no other symptoms present that would relate. It was so sharp, that I could only take very shallow breaths in to avoid it being triggered and this lasted a good half hour.

On this side, Shelley sensed me as a child, walking through woods, and being injured by someone in some way . I said to her the pain truly felt like an arrow being shot through my shoulder when it happened and after she had again released this muscle memory I had an ache there for a while after (gone now).

Past Life Healing

My arms and shoulders feel freer, and there is a definite change, so there we go peeps, not all issues come from this life.

I work with this quite often with my own clients too, where the emotions, beliefs and attitudes come from past life energy that just needs to be released.

Often this is quite powerful given what the person has been through, whether starved to death, left to die in some other way e.g. thrown in a pit, or being punished in some way like mine that results in their end of life.

It’s amazing what shifts that can create once you release that stuck energy.

So if you are trying lots of things to release beliefs, emotions, habits, pain, patterns of behaviour, it may well be past life. Not always of course, but if you have done your work and it just isn’t shifting, past life it may be!