Spent a lovely sunny morning this morning networking with people and horses!

Oh my goodness, it was so lovely to be around horses again…and the countryside…oh my….makes me realise just how much I cannot breathe where I am and in time I definitely want to change my environment. As a medium around me put it so succintly: “it restricts your soul”. Yes!

Does nature allow you to breathe?

I can just feel my creativity coming back out there. I’m not picking up on everyone else’s energies. I feel refreshed when i return, ready to crack on with my tasklist. I feel at peace internally.

It’s the empath in me that needs to recharge alone, in nature, with plenty of space and greenery.

And on top of that, i met an eclectic mix of people. One lady who was a French animal ostepath, a German lady who was a pet photographer and German tutor, and it was really heart-opening to be able to use a little bit of my language memory/skills. And several others who run heart-centred businesses too. So, all in all, lovely to chat, connect, and be with the horses at the same time.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to leave that space. The peace was mesmerising. Here are some of the views and residents.

It was well worth the long drive, and I would highly recommend it.
HorseSense UK based in Marks Cross, run by a welcoming and knowledgable lady called Becci. Thanks for hosting and allowing us to be with your herd.

Oast House at Horse Sense UK Headquarters Horse Sense UK Headquarters open fields with a strong big oak tree in it Horse Sense UK Baked biscuit in shape of horse with black mane and HSUK in icing at the bottom