I love singing and I love writing and creating.

It is something I have done since I was very young, and I know writing books will be coming soon enough.

Normally, it is blogs and addresses for platform mediumship.


Every Christmas, I have wanted to create a little something.

From me to you.

This year I created ‘Chaos at Santa’s Village’ to the tune of Ding Done Merrily on High.

Things don’t go as planned for good ol’ Santa!

I hope you enjoy!

Just some creativity to make you smile and laugh at a time of year that can be incredibly stressful for some people.

Now for the science?

Singing stimulates the vagus nerve (VN) which is a great way to calm the nervous system.

Why, because it connects the brain to the rest of our body, and its main function is to activate our parasympathetic nervous system. Also know as ‘rest and digest’. The one where we are relaxing, calm and resting.

If you have had trauma, vagus nerve exercises are often recommended and singing is one way you can stimulate the VN.

Creative writing (i.e. writing the song) is often seen as part of the right-brain function, but some researchers* suggest it is ‘whole-brained’ as the right brain is more about the imagination, emotions, creativity, non-verbal, and the left brain is more about structure, sequences, order, rational, and logical, language.

Benefits of using both sides of the brain (whole brain thinking) is that our brains will use different skills and ways of thinking from each hemisphere to solve problems and go through daily life.


Last but not least, my Christmas sing-song creation (copyright Victoria Smith-Gillard):