Firstly it’s about looking at what conditions they may have already and how they may impact them in their day-to-day life around their home, garden and possibly walks if they are a doggie (although some indoor cats do get walked on harnesses), outside environments e.g. for horses, and how you could make that easier for them:

I have published a series of posts entitled ‘Things to Consider for Your Elderly Pet’ delving deeper into specific topics for elderly pets to help share my knowledge and wisdom for those of you that have an elderly pet.

But to get you thinking about your own pet and their health in their elder years, here are some questions to reflect on:

  • What conditions/ailments does my pet have already and how may those impact them in their day-to-day life?
  • Around their home or other homes they spend significant time in?
  • Around the garden?
  • On walks, for dogs obviously (although some indoor cats do get walked on harnesses!!)
  • How could I make life easier for them?
  • How might these conditions/ailments affect their behaviour around other pets, children and other family members or friends? What I might need to advise those people, or monitor with those pets?
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