I have been researching recently with current and past clients and I have been given permission to share this information below.
It’s important as it highlights my work, working with not just the pet, but the owner(s) too.
I may not necessarily need to directly do therapy with you (the owner), however, the insights, the messages from your pet, the raised awareness of what sessions produce is important to be aware of if you want to work with me.

Bringing the Unconscious to Conscious Awareness

Bringing something from your unconscious to your conscious awareness, in itself, is powerful enough to create a shift within you. There may be more work to do to heal what has come up, but in some cases, awareness is enough.
It is not about judgement, it is not about blame. It is working with what is being brought up, triggered, highlighted for yourselves and also by your pet’s issue.
Pets are our messengers, and also our mirrors.

Feeling the Impact: Pet Heals, Owner Heals

So without further ado, feedback from sound healing work I did with a couple of clients:
“Richard also mentioned that he struggles with rejection and although loved Sukie was frightened to give too much. After our sessions we all looked at ourselves more and realised if we are stressed or anxious, even though we think we are hiding it, Sukie picked up on it. I really would suggest to anyone to open their minds and hearts and give it a try. What does anyone have to lose. We have gained so much, Sukie has gained and we are a very happy family. Without your help we would have been stuck in the vicious circle of guilt, trying everything and frustration. Thank you so much xx”
“Our self awareness was only raised through the sound therapy. We always had it but forgot about it. Richard said that he feared rejection from Sukie. He would give Sukie so much love and Sukie wouldn’t give it back. Richard was rejected by his mum as a child and as an adult. His mum isn’t the most emotionally stable person. His mum is a bit like a cat and will take and take and take and not give anything back. Because Sukie was very forthcoming with her affection Richard withdrew a little and put barriers up without realising it. This journey has been really healing for us all. Xx”


I know my pet picks up on me, how can I get in touch with you?

If your pet has an issue, and you are open to working as a fur-family unit, then drop me an email: smithgillardv@gmail.com