Dont mind me
Apparently my water is tastier than hers, sigh!
“Mummy share with me. Part of the foster agreement.”
(Her bowl is literally 1metre away, if that, lol!)

Ever found your dog or cat drinking from your water butt, or a puddle of water too?

I remember being at my tutor’s once, and there was a gentleman there who had a TDS meter, that checks the purity of the water.

Now, without reading on what do you immediately think would be purest?

Tap water, filtered water, or the water butt?

Well, filtered water was not much better than tap water in its low level of purity. Both were shocking.

The water butt was actually the cleanest out of all 3. Which surprised everyone!

So it made sense to me that a cat, dog or any animal may choose instinctively to drink from water butts rather than their drinking bowl.

Their sense of smell, much much greater than ours, allows them to tell how clean it is based on the scent.

This is NOT me saying to fill your pet’s drinking bowl from the water butt, as much has changed in the environment since this test was performed many years ago.

Going back to Puss, cats often prefer to drink from running water, so I used to have a Drinkwell pet fountain with charcoal filter to keep it clean. (There are other makes of course, but look for one that still gives them access to a tray of water even when the electric cuts out. Very important, as they need water.)

Or, when my previous cats really had me wrapped round their little finger, I used to turn the bathroom tap on when they got up onto the basin to say they wanted a drink. They did have their own bowl though too, refreshed daily.