So today, I got up and as normal and said ‘hi’ to both my kitties, who sleep on the bed with me. I kissed Boycie on the head, and said ‘good morning beautiful, mwah’.

And then it hit me.

If these guys weren’t here, then where would all that love, that I have to give out, go?

And then I realised.

Me. That’s where it needs to go!!

And what stops me doing that now, treating myself as I do them?

Often when you have gone through ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) you learn to give that love out to another person’s inner child, normally one of your parents or caregivers, first and foremost.

For years and years, I had an unconscious belief I was unlovable, but I dealt with that December last year finally.

Since then I have wanted to love myself, but never knew how very well…until this morning.

Because loving yourself, is not about experiences, situations, material things, about waiting for someone outside to love you.

It’s about treating yourself the same way you love your child, your pet. If you shower them with love.

I often used to joke that Phoebe (my previous cat) had better healthcare than me. And yes, I would throw everything I had money-wise, time-wise and love-wise towards her, when really, some of that needed to be directed to me.

So today, I learnt so much with just one kiss. I learnt that each morning I can get up, and before I have done anything else, I can look into the mirror and say ‘good morning beautiful, mwah’ and I would really mean it.

How can you love yourself more today? Tomorrow?

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