A Feline Trim

I am a very lucky lady in that I have cat claw clippers and know how to use them.

This means that when Puss gets to the point where they are becoming a bit too long, then I will clip them. I don’t like to do it as they are a cat’s defence, so i only do so when she starts to catch them, in the carpet for instance – that’s not fun for her and she could hurt herself.

She is actually pretty tolerant. Allowing me to do either both paws at once, or at least one paw at a time.

A Feistier Feline…

Back in the days with my old cat Phoebe (aka Pheebs), I had to near enough do one CLAW at a time to survive!

A part-feral cat is not easy to work with I can assure you!

I used to have to wrap her in a bath sheet, round and round, snug as a bug, and work with her paws peeking out from said bathsheet. 😀

I made the mistake once of wrapping her in just a tea towel…

Suffice to say, my veterinary referral colleagues asked me if I was “ok”…

Assumptions were made (ass-u-me)…although it is lovely that they cared enough to say something.

Then I put two and two together….the laceration marks on my arms….they thought i was self-harming.

To be honest, it did look like that, until I filled my colleagues in.

She was a feisty one my Pheebs, but I loved her 100% and learnt to know her ways, how to handle her (pretty unorthodox I can tell you) and she, in return, trusted me explicitly. Those stories are for another day, but living and relating to her allowed me to handle Baghera (the 1yr old stray – MUCH easier!!)