Do you find your pet, especially your dog, is very protective of you? Over-protective maybe.

Do you find you are more protective of your pets, and others, than you are of yourself?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both those questions then let me tell you why:

We all have an inner child. This child is quite vulnerable and has needs, as do all our personality parts.

People who automatically protect others more than they do themselves have either had it modelled or taught during childhood (most often in a dysfunctional family unit), to protect others first, and mainly to protect that person’s inner child because their protector part can feel its vulnerability.

However, what that means is whilst you are giving that protection externally, you are often very unaware of your own inner child’s needs (internally) – the need and desire to be protected.

At some point going back, your inner child’s needs were repressed in order to do what you have been taught/modelled, which is often a survival or safety mechanism to keep others happier, prevent conflict and so on.

So why does your pet, especially dogs, know this?

Well they FEEL this. One of the main ways pets sense the world is through electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – and your heart is a BIG electromagnetic field.

In fact, it’s 100,000 times stronger electrically and 5,000 stronger magnetically than the brain.

Through your heart’s emissions, they pick up on the feelings of vulnerability and unsafety that your inner child has, and hey presto, that’s where their protective behaviour comes in.

They are trying to protect your scared inner child!

Because everything they do is to feel safe. They have a ‘group bond’ energetically with you. By protecting your inner child, you feel safe, they feel safe.

So with Parts Therapy, I help owners to resolve this, integrating parts of you in this scenario.

And it’s really powerful work, allowing you to reclaim energy, parts of you, and to give you healthier strategies to move through life, with long-term benefits. Doesn’t mean you cannot protect others, but it’s about starting within.

Like they say, when your plane is about to go down, you put your own mask on first, then your child’s.