I was sitting waiting for people to board the train, daydreamingly looking out the window when I found myself mesmerised and just had to snap this before we departed.

A picture speaks a 1000 words!

And so it does!

Never. Give. Up. No matter how hard life seems.

This little escapee fern managed to crack its way through concrete to see the light of day, to reach for the sky and to unfurl its tendrils.

And we are no different. Life may seem hard sometimes, like you are trying to crack concrete, but keep going, with will, effort, and you will get there. You can reach for the sky, no matter what perceived barriers are there.

That plant could have easily said ‘screw it, it’s too hard, I can’t be arsed’ but it kept going, through layer after layer after layer, until eventually it could see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, and it kept heading for that, until one day…it got there. Now, it can soak up the rain, it can absorb the sunshine, and be nourished along the way.

Never give up on your dreams, your aspirations. Keep putting effort in, peeling away the layers that hold you back, and eventually you will break through your barriers and shine <3