Today I get to offer my monthly Group Sound Healing at our local church.
I love it because it is a great way of introducing sound healing to people.
They get to experience how it feels to surrender, let go and be away with the frequencies.
Often people that have had trauma try to stay in control, because it feels safe.
And I get that. Been there myself.
But when they experience the power of letting go and just allowing themselves to rest, not worry where I am and what I am doing, they tend to go deeper into relaxation.
Their pain levels go down as their body begins to relax.
Their mind starts to relax.
Their thoughts lessen.
They may experience seeing colours, images. symbols.
Their focus goes within rather than hearing traffic around, or the birds, or someone breathing next to them.
And at the end they feel relaxed, mind and body calmer, chakras aligned.
Pain levels down.
A smile on their face.
And often quite surprised as to the effects the frequencies have had on them.
And I always say to check in how they feel at that point, as it is a good marker to let them know when they are IN alignment, and when they are OUT of alignment, and feeling scattered, discombobulated and so on.
I love this introduction, as it is helping more and more people as the class grows.
If you’d like to attend, feel free to comment below, or message me for more details.