Had a lovely week last week, meeting and seeing many people.

121 sessions, one group workshop teaching people how to tap (tapping is like acupuncture without needles helping you to release stuck energy in the body); attuning a lovely lady to Rahanni Celestial Healing energy, and doing a group tuning fork sound healing experience.

The tapping workshop was a lovely group of 5 people, where I taught them about what tapping is, the benefits of emotional release, and the different ways you can deepen its use, as well as the points to tap on, and visual diagrams.

We then had time to use a working example for each candidate, rating their emotional level before we started, and after. Lovely to see that those numbers went down if not down to zero.

The more tapping you do, the more you get used to doing it to help when emotional triggers occur.

This coming week features much more of where that come from. Doing oracle card readings; offering an Atlantis tuning fork ceremony with a client on Friday, and offering an Introduction to Animal Communication workshop this coming Sunday, to name a few!

I love teaching, I love this vocation <3