Whilst walking tonight, taking in all of the Christmas lights, I noticed that when the light was behind me, my shadow was strongly in front of me, yet as I neared the next light ahead of me it began to diminish and fade until it was nothing.

And then I realised how incredible a metaphor that is for our own healing!

When we shine light on our darkness, our shadow (the things we dislike about ourselves and have repressed or hidden), its influence and dominance diminishes, as just like any part of us, it is then being heard and accepted, so it will no longer have to exert its dominance for us to notice the good and positive aspects of it.

When we forget to keep hold of that acceptance, or let another influence our mind to once again disown or not accept it, and feel a negative emotion towards it, yet again this reflects the walking away from the light and once again our shadow strongly shows up in front of us.

So keep walking in the light, keep offering yourself unconditional love, and notice the strengths of each aspect that perhaps you have disliked about yourself or disowned. Notice how it may have protected you in some way, or is giving you  a message about what’s important to you that someone else may have trodden on or over. The benefit of having and owning that aspect of you.

This new age of Golden Aquarius is aligning with the Divine Feminine aspects in men and women being acknowledged, as for centuries the Divine Masculine has heavily influenced everything in life and the Divine Feminine has been repressed, but to be balanced, be that the world, or us individually or globally, we all need to be a healthy balance of our masculine and feminine energies.

Here, here to this new Golden Age of Aquarius.