You may recall my post sharing my visit to Leeds Castle.

Well, what i didn’t tell you was I did something different this time…

I decided to see how they responded to relaxing sound healing tools.

I didn’t have quite enough hands to juggle my tuning forks, duck food and peppermint tea, so i used a free online tool – Suara Sound Academy’s free Triple OM download.

As normal, I gently approached them, making sure to keep some distance out of respect and to show them I was no threat.

I then started playing the track, making sure it was at a comfortable level of volume by monitoring their response, ready to turn it off if in any way I felt they were troubled by it.

I have been honoured previously to have ducks and a hen attend my Relax Pet Class online, so I knew some of the signs of relaxation.

So How Did Ducks Respond to Sound Healing?

One duck moved closer to the other duck, which i felt was either them wanting to stick together so one could sleep and one could be the watch-out, or that was the distance they wanted to absorb the OM sounds.

Both ducks started to happily chatter, which i have not seen them do before. Quacking when beng fed, yes. But not chattering. Chattering, and staying right where they were, looking out over the lake.

The duck closest to you in the picture, I started to see their eyes get heavier and heavier, until as you can see they tucked their beak into their fur. their breathing was slow, gentle, relaxed breaths, and it was so lovely to watch, I had to take a video.

If there had been a seat, i would have quite happily sat there much longer, just watching them relax.

I absolutely love interacting with animals in this way, helping them is in my heart.

So, yes, if you didn’t realise that they too can be influenced by sound, specific frequencies (in this case the triple OM sounds) to help them relax, well here we are:

Such loves!