Special Diets

Cats especially when they are older can suffer with kidney disease or another ailment where they have to go on a special diet to help relieve pressure on their organs. I have learnt recently that some vets offer a palatability pack (at least for renal issues), whereby you get a range of renal wet and dried foods that you can try with your pet and see which they prefer. The pack will also normally contain a leaflet to advise how to transition your pet onto this food to avoid upsetting their digestive system.

Teeth Troubles

Where pets have lost some teeth they may find it hard to do what they once did and chew food, so you may be able to make it easier for them by mashing the food up, and by adding a little more water to dried food so it is less crunchy.

Often for kidney issues, it may be suggested to give them more wet food versus dry to increase the water intake. But I am not a vet, so please speak to any vet when changing your pet’s dietary requirements, especially when they have conditions that can be impacted by food changes.

Making Food More Appetising

Sometimes warming food slightly can increase the smell and appear more appetising to them if they are not wishing to eat much as well.

Senior Foods

Your elderly pets’ nutritional needs change as they become older, so make sure you look at giving a food that is for seniors, again discuss with your vet and have a look in the supermarkets the age they advise on the packets.

More Sensitive to Changes

Some cats, elderly or not, are more sensitive to changes of food, for instance my foster Puss will not tend to eat food she doesn’t know or has had before. So, I have been known to be down on all fours, head looking as though I am munching happily from her dish, licking lips at its yumminess. You may laugh I am sure at the image of this. But, it does work with her. She will then go and eat the food, or drink from the water fountain (yes, I have been on all fours ‘drinking’ from that too!).

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