I often saying working with Spirit is like the film ‘Minority Report’.

If you haven’t seen it, go take a watch.

In the film, Tom Cruise plays the person that creates syncronicity where certain people will be in a certain place at a certain time for certain reasons. And they move them around to ensure this happens, kinda vibe!

Well, recently I have 2 instances where this happened. I will share with you the most relevant here.

As you know for GoodWoof this year, I decided to rent an Air BnB.

The one I wanted wasn’t available when I went to book in the end, so I had to get the next one, which was in a less greenery, not as big, but did still take pets, which was the main thing, and was safe for a pet i.e. enclosed garden/back yard. And it was a lovely, cosy home for the weekend.

When I got there, me being safety conscious wanted to know where the cooker fuse was as it’s ceramic and if Puss jumped up (she doesn’t here, but sod’s law…) then she could turn it on.

I couldn’t find it, so I asked my host, who very kindly offered to come round as they live next door.

When he came by, he asked me why I was there, and boom, conversation started about his own spirituality and a marked interest in what I do and how.

On the Monday when I was due to leave, he invited me round for a coffee, chat and to meet his lovely doggies.

We sat chatting for nearly 4hrs, and it was only that I had a parcel coming that I had to make my way home! Otherwise, I am pretty sure it would’ve been all day.

Spirit/Universe, whatever you wish to call it, created that situation, not just to help this host regain something that day, but also there is something I have been looking into, doing Extras work, and without asking, details popped up in our conversation, so they helped me too that day.

There were many other synchronicities too, books and other things, but we had so much to talk about and have become more distant friends than host/client.

Many people call this a coincidence. Personally, I don’t believe there are coincidences anymore.

I call it the Higher Intelligence of Spirit, something created to work for the Highest Good of All!

Have you had anything like this happen?

Another one happened this Bank Holiday gone, and so they keep on coming….and I love it <3