So recently I talked of my foster cat Trigger picking up and mimicking the limiting belief I had (click here for that blog).  And today you find out why this happens.

Example 2 – I don’t drink caffeine at home, but every so often I’ll have a cuppa with a friend and obviously don’t have my decaff with me! I’ve done this a couple of times, come home, and carried on working at home. And the boys started going nuts each time – running and jumping at each other, having a bit of a 2 and 8:  ‘I’m gonna get you’…’Not if I get you first!!’ You know that kind of cattitude.

Now me being me, knowing all animals are empathic, I was like ‘hmm, how am I feeling?’

And I then realised my energy was quite frenetic, that caffeine buzz, my attention being drawn to this, and that, and ooh something else, and ‘I must do that’ and ‘oh, let’s get that done’…and it dawned on me that they were picking up on my energy. Safe to say, I opened the door for them to go and ground outside (grass), did the same thing myself and also went for a walk to get rid of the excess as well.

So, they pick up on our emotions. Because one of the ways animals sense the world is through electromagnetic fields…and our heart is a very powerful one. 100K times stronger electrically, and 5K stronger magnetically than the brain.  So whatever is the strongest frequency we are emitting at the time, they will pick up on.

So this can be how we’re feeling in a given moment, and can also include past experiences we’ve had or a limiting belief we have formed in childhood (by the age of 7, up to 70% of our beliefs are limiting ones, according to Bruce Lipton), both where there is still an underlying emotion.  I have seen phobias, attacks and more played out by animals. They mimic how parts of us are feeling. I have seen pets protect because a part of a person is not protecting themselves, but will quite readily protect other people…but that’s a whole other blog series which I’ll come on to – ‘Parts’.

And they don’t just pick up on owners, they can also pick up how other people or animals are feeling too.

They are a messenger, they are our mirror. They are often there to show us something in ourselves needs healing, or to alert us to an emotion that has an unresolved experience or belief attached to it.

Think about when you feel down, ill or stressed? Doesn’t your pet come close to you? Sometimes if you are angry, they will move away from you, the same way as anger is often an emotion that pushes humans away as well.

So if your animal is going crazy, or is anxious, stressed, or aggressive, then look at what is going on around them. Who’s there? How are they feeling?

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