I often see Spirit in my mind’s eye a bit like the Minority Report film. Someone knowing that a certain person needs to be in a certain place at a certain time and organising everything for the Highest Good of all. People to be where they are meant to be. Ideas planted and so on.

Take this Sunday just gone.

I was asked to stand in as the Medium (if you haven’t seen more about that, check yesterday’s posting).

As part of being a platform Medium (demonstrating in a church), we have to give an address.

I hadn’t had time to sit down and create one, but I had been thinking about it as I went about my business, and especially Sunday when at the hotel eating lunch in the sun, a few ideas popped into my head.

By the time I left there Sunday to make my way to the church however, none of those were really sticking.

Then on my journey, in came “Divine Timing, everything happens for a reason”.

“Hmm” i pondered, and decided when I got to the church I would sit in the healing room and compose my address with bullet points.

I did just that which made it a little easier to recall when actually on platform.

But that is not my point to this tale.

Interestingly, our Chair had chosen their reading just before service. I had no idea what it was.

It was called “there is a time for everything”!!!

It made me smile. It tied in SO nicely with my address and vice versa.

And afterwards, several people who I talked to could also resonate with the topics I had shared as part of my address, examples even.

And that is where I shared the Minority Report analogy.

That Higher Intelligence knew those people would be there. Knew that reading would be chosen, or even guided that. And led me to include certain examples, I’ve seen it before.

Because there were people there that needed that message in itself.

Perhaps to give them hope, to put some jigsaw pieces into place, confirmation that they are on the right path, or just another perspective of looking at things.

I feel there is no coincidences in life. It is orchestrated in a way that in this case reached many. We are there to serve many people. Not just with messages from loved ones in Spirit, but often from our addresses too.