Lovely morning today networking and hearing Steve Nobel speak.

Look up Starseeds and Soul Matrix if you don’t know who he is. He has plenty of channellings and meditations on You Tube also.

I can honestly say he is such a down-to-earth, open-hearted, generous, and funny person, and gave a very insightful and educational talk today around abundance, including vows we make in other lives, karmic agreements, and much more.

Intention plus visualisation can be very powerful: he took us through a short meditation about dissolving karmic agreements and soul contracts, and I could actually feel my hands going nuts, tingling as healing occured.

We have chakras in our hands which get activated when channelling healing energy through, and I also feel the tingling when energy is shifting, moving and releasing, as my circulation is flowing better in my hands.

Do Your Hands Go Hot When Around Someone That Needs Healing?

Even you may feel this when your heart is full of love for someone who needs healing, and you feel your hands go hot and tingly. Or, when you place them on their area of pain, they feel even hotter or colder. Healing is coming through because you are coming from a place of love, of heart. The person may also report an easing of their symptoms, physical or otherwise, or a sense of peace or calmness washing over them!

I digress…useful tip though above!

The energy in the room was palpable and we all felt very refreshed and uplifted after.

Naturally 😂😂, those that know me will know it is not much of a surprise I came away with his books. #likealittlemagpie #bookaddict

Spirit Signs

And on my return journey, upon the car wheels rolling onto my parking spot, the time is 2:22, hehe, love it!!

I shall look forward to reading those books. Particularly drawn to the Joy at Work one right now, but it could change, who knows 🤷‍♀️

Which book would you be drawn to?? Comment ⬇️

pictures of 3 of steve nobel's books for starseeds and spiritual entrepreneurs