I had the real honour today of leading a client as part of my past life regression case studies.
It was a very emotive topic and something my client had not told many people. I felt very honoured that they felt safe enough to explore that with me.
There were many suppressed emotions but it was lovely to see my client bring these up for healing.
You see, when we go through an experience, often something traumatic, or unpleasant at the very least, and our subconscious knows we are ready to now look at it, deal with it, it will bring it into our conscious awareness.
When we allow – allow being the operative word – and give ourselves permission to feel what we felt, to listen to all the feelings, sensations, emotions and thoughts that that part of us went through in that experience, we are being present with ourselves. We are connecting with a part of us again. We are hearing it, seeing it, feeling that part.
If we meet that part of us with non-judgement, not always easy for people to do, and acceptance that that part of them did the best they could at that time, with the resources they had e.g. knowledge, time, money, wisdom, etc. that part begins to feel heard, accepted, supported, loved.
It will begin to soften.
To release.
It may even change its perspective of itself, releasing emotions and beliefs it has held onto all this time.
This is healing.
It can be painful, yes.
It can be raw.
But it can also be very beautiful. It can actually change our life for the better.
We can feel lighter afterwards.
An inner peace may descend, as that part now feels more held, and is no longer carrying or suppressing these emotions within them.
They are shining light on the darkness.
And as that new experience integrates, our compassion with ourselves increases.
We often feel more whole. My clients say this a lot, especially when I work with parts therapy.
And feeling more whole, is never a bad thing.
It’s the fragmented parts of our soul coming back to us after an experience that fragmented them in the first place.
Wholeness is the place to be. The healing journey is how we get there. <3
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