Do you have a pet with an ongoing medical condition?
Do you regularly need to obtain meds for them?
is this costing you what feels like an arm and a leg, as well as the travel to and from the vet surgery?
Did you realise you can get some medications online with a prescription, and that, very often, even WITH the cost of the prescription included, it works out cheaper?
We had to do this for a friend’s cat who requires hyperthyroid meds.
She had her consult and tests, and some meds to start her off.
My friend then got a veterinary prescription (about £22 but may vary with surgeries), which you can then scan online to the veterinary site and purchase meds. This normally allows you to repeat the order x amount of times before you need to see your vet again.

Veterinary Regulations for Repeat Visits

Due to regulations, your pet will need to have a repeat vet visit every 6months, prescription or not, but this is to check how your pet is doing on the meds, examine them, and to see whether the meds need to be tweaked. I believe no medication is allowed to be prescibed without this 6month re-examination.
(Obviously, if you notice a decline in your pet’s health in between, then always speak to your vet, don’t wait for the 6months visit to come around!)
Repeat bloodwork may also need to be done, like in the case of the hyperthyroidism. This is so the vet can see how the thyroid is functioning amongst other clinical signs they look for on the bloodwork e.g. kidney function

Where can I obtain my pet’s medication online?

There are various sites to obtain your pet meds from, and these are the top 3 I have found helpful to me and been suggested by vets:
So why not ask your vet about this, if you have to purchase regular medication for your pet. Check each site, as costs and delivery charges vary.