Sometimes, when you have gone through childhood trauma (most people have in varying degrees), the hardest thing to do and be forced into a corner on, is asking for help.

Since due to trauma often those cries for help left you feeling let down, neglected, unimportant, and like you can’t trust people, even if your parents never meant that to happen, the trauma response can be ‘extreme independence’.

And a feeling of frustration if you do have to ask for help, or limiting beliefs popping up that you are a nuisance or burden, helpless, powerless (trauma trigger).

Healing is where you begin to ask for help, know you deserve it as much as the next person, and ask the right people for it, without being triggered.

Releasing the beliefs.

Releasing the frustration.

(I’ve done the beliefs, I’m mildly at the frustration stage as i want to do it myself!)

The 2nd hardest thing is learning to accept and receive that help knowing, yet again, there’s nothing wrong with you. We all need help sometimes, because we don’t have the skills, aren’t the expert, don’t have that physical strength, can’t speak that language, etc.

Part of the rise of the Divine Feminine at these auspicious times, is us all, men and women, learning to how to receive, as the feminine energy is often more about giving. But for a healthy balance, we must learn to do both – giving and receiving.

Cue washing machine not draining and reaching out to a good friend to help me sort it!

I just wish the universe would play nice!