For many a while, I only had payment by BACS (Bank Transfer) in my business. I knew deep down that in order to grow my business, I needed to create other payment methods to give flexibility to my clients.


Because I have been there, where the only way I could pay for a service I knew I would benefit from, was to pay by credit card.

But in my mind, I had the whole credit card ‘shabbang ‘down as a big pain in the proverbial.

I tend to dislike being on computers for too long, and it felt like this would be one more system I would need to log in to and click around.

I thought that I would get a mass payment from the merchant service, to which I would then need to log in to, to find out who the mass payment was related.

How would I sort out the merchant fees that would be deducted from those payments?

The part of the invoice that wouldn’t be paid because the merchant fees took that bit?

What a massive headache.

So I chickened out.

It was sensory overload.

Overwhelming, so I just won’t do it, and that stops the overwhelm.

But it didn’t stop the needed option of different payment methods.

And that niggling heaviness of needing to look into it was still there – it hadn’t gone at all!

Like a little devil sitting on my shoulder.

So one day not long ago, I looked into Stripe and other card systems.

I methodically sat and looked at their fees, and what I would be getting – machine, phone payments, online, etc.

and sat with what my needs were at this time and in the probable future.

That in itself exhausted me.

Next, I narrowed it down to what was compatible with my accounts package, whether I needed a physical card machine and the % of fees.

Now sometimes my ‘I must get it right’ belief loves to pop in at times like this.

It did, but not as much as it has in the past.

But the truth is, I didn’t need to get it right. I could try one, and see how it goes.

I could add to the options if I needed to in time, say if I went to fayres where a physical machine would be best.

I could change which one I was with.

Nothing was set in stone, and the world would not implode if I changed my mind.

I did some practical research and you tubed how to set up a Stripe account too. To see how easy it looked, as I am a visual person. If it looks complicated, that would be the end of it for me. Simple is best.

And then when I had got all my information, I took the plunge.

First, I set up the Stripe account itself.

Then I synced it with my account system.

The reality is actually far FAR less fearful than how I had perceived it. In fact, no fear at all to be honest!

It is actually a blessing in many ways.

Stripe automatically tells me who has paid.

It tells me when it is sending over the payment to me.

AND my accounts system automatically matches the invoices with the payments and sorts out the outstanding amounts that don’t get paid because merchant fees have been deducted from the payment.

It has actually made my life easier, rather than me thinking it would make it harder.

So why didn’t I do it sooner?

“The perception of what would be”.  Thoughts if you will.

Which created feelings of overwhelm, fear, heaviness, and stress.

Which therefore stopped me neatly in my tracks from doing anything about it.

This is why working on your mindset can be so useful.

To smash down your walls of fear, and self-sabotage.

Does it sometimes take practical steps as well (like me YouTubing and checking it was compatible with my accounts software)? Yes, absolutely, it can do.

But my advice to you is baby steps.

Just think of the one first step you can take. In my case, looking into something, i.e. different card payment providers.

When you have completed that step, and only then, what is next? E.g. Now I know who they are, I can look into their fees and compare.

And you just keep taking baby steps.

Any step is a move in the right direction.

And the more steps you take, you will probably find you become less fearful the clearer everything gets.

So if things in life sometimes feel overwhelming, consider what one baby step can get you off the starting mark and moving forwards.

No matter how small.

You have started.

Be proud of that! Some people don’t even get to that step!

Starting can be better than just staying in the same spot, either burying your head in the sand like the ostrich or wanting to run the other way entirely.

I have done both in my time!

Jot down your thoughts.

I teach people on my mindset course how to challenge their thoughts, but one thing you can ask yourself is:
“s this truth, or is this my perception right now?”

“How can I get clearer on that perspective?” i.e. I had no idea how Stripe worked, so I needed to clarify that before deciding it was/wasn’t the right choice.

Look at what the gains and losses will be if you don’t address this overwhelm and what it links to.

Even consider sharing your problem with a trusted safe friend, as often two heads are better than one. Verbalising your problem may give you insights because the mental chatter is now out in the open, and also your friend may be able to give perspective too.

There is a message in every period of overwhelm.

Listen. Don’t judge. Be compassionate with yourself, and find out what you need – clarity, help, information, resources, practical steps, etc.

What you need is the pearl in the oyster.

Listen to that need and respond accordingly.