Sunday was a busy day as I was also asked to be the covering Medium at my local church.

I have been having mentoring around my mediumship as I am always looking to improve, to be of better service to those that need messages.

Quality versus Quantity

One of my values is “quality”, and it has stood me in good stead and certainly won’t be one I release any time soon.

I would rather give good quality detailed readings to fewer people, than more messages with lesser quality. It’s just not my bag. There are some mediums that do amazing at quick-fire readings, super accurate, and it’s incredible to see, but that’s not me. I have to work in my own way that feels right to me. And I am sure the more I take on board this new way of working, I will get a tad quicker than yesterday and get to 4 or 5 people.

Belief Systems

I was challenged in my mentoring, in a good way, being asked questions that no-one has ever thought to ask me before, and I was grateful for that. Things like “where do you imagine the Spirit World are?”

By doing so, it led to a discussion and some changes to be worked with in my own beliefs when working and what i “should” do to prepare.

And it made a difference. I came away feeling calm but not drained. I felt confident up there, loved giving readings, and probably for the first time since my beginnings, enjoyed it a lot!

I found it easier to connect with Spirit, and also to tune into the Higher Intelligence of Spirit, where they were using my body to indeed give some of the details and messages.

Let me share with you some examples.

I was made aware of my hands being in the prayer position to indicate someone had been sending up prayers recently.

My posture was changed so I had one foot forward, one backwards, to indicate that someone was to-ing and fro-ing about something.

I was twiddling with my ring finger to indicate someone who had had a divorce, or separated, as a message need to be shared about that person who was not in attendance.

I love this new way of working and have been able to reflect just how much it has helped me serve better.

And I have more mentoring sessions to go, so goodness knows how this will evolve, but as Ralph Waldo Emerson says ‘it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey’.

If you would like a mediumship reading, they are £30 for up to 45mins (at the time of writing), so feel free to email me if you do.