This weekend has been an amazing time full of kindness, nature and animals!

On Saturday afternoon, i got the privilege of being able to work with a couple of Shetland ponies who have suffered abuse previously, and worked with tuning forks and animal communication helping them to release. The male pony was so traumatised that he would not allow people to do hands on healing, nor touch his face, neck, ears or chest.

That is the wonderful thing about energy healing in all its guises, you can do it off the body, with no touch involved. I chose tuning forks today, and we worked with the OM, 528 and also eventually the weighted OM. He allowed me to place it nearer and nearer to his chest and he did absolutely amazing to allow that, given he didn’t know me at all – and yes I told him so! Communication with him was throughout as well, finding more about his needs, his feelings and his history.

During his session, his Mum was rather vocal bless her, so she was next on our list to work some magic with. Again, we did tuning forks and communication.

For our next session, I will be introducing some solfeggio frequencies to allow them to really start to let go of the trauma they have been through, today was an introduction to the frequencies, the feels, and to me and my energy too, but they told their Hu-Mum that they knew we were trying to help, bless them!

It was a damp and rainy afternoon, but what with the overhang of the owner’s barn, we managed to stay relatively dry throughout.

Let’s dive into Sunday’s fun later this week!

(Stock picture to keep their identities confidential.)