Working with sound healing with pets I absolutely love!

Session Preparation – Chakras

Their chakras and the pendulum never lie, and it is my starting point when doing a session of Sound Healing or Rahanni.

For distant sessions, I lay the chakras out on my settee (marked by beautiful shells, a kickback to my seaside upbringing), set my intentions, call in their energy, and check their chakras with the pendulum swings. Then we begin.

Dave the Cat’s 1st Session

Take today, working with a beautiful black cat.

I actually forgot that his owners has said that he has wobbly back legs.

And the pendulum behaviour made absolute sense when i did remember!

The swings were showing those hind paw chakras as completely unbalanced, and very slow movements which says to me the energy there wasn’t great, it’s not a healthy swing, there are certainly issues to be worked on.

Most of his chakras were unbalanced and slow, and it made sense with the feeling I got connecting to him at the beginning to let him know my intentions, what we were doing and if I had his permission.

I felt such heaviness, the weight of the world on his shoulders, grief, sadness.

A Save for Dave

Poor bubby has been through a lot you see, being homed, re-homed, back and forth, until he has found the family that are willing to help him, invest in him, accept him for where he is right now as well.

And that makes all the difference. <3

I even said to him that having all these different homes and being back and forth to rescue was good (from one perspective, very hard to go through from another) because it has meant that he has now been able to have that new beginning, with a family that wants and is trying to understand him and make his life the happiest it can be.

Not giving up on him, or berating him for where he is at.

Which is absolutely wonderful!

I look forward to working with him even more, and seeing the difference animal communication combined with sound healing can make. Beautiful boy, you deserve every bit of love, energy and healing that comes your way.

P.S. Search for ‘Dave the cat, healing’ to see some of his other sessions results.

P.P.S. His owners did report an improvement in his wobbly back legs after the first and subsequent sessions!