So one of the things you may or may not know about me is my love of gardening.

It’s a little restricted where I live currently, but I do have the ability to have pots, and have also been blessed by Mother Nature will her self-seeding plants – ponytail grasses, and verbena.

Gardening I find is very good for my mental health, a form of meditation if you will. Time whiles away, and I am in contact with Mother Earth, so it’s very grounding too.

I have grown tomatoes, strawberries, onions, leeks (didn’t go so well as not enough space for them) as well as nurturing my herbs – I currently have lemon verbena, lemon balm, rosemary, thyme, mint, and lavender. And I often go and pick them for a cuppa for their properties.

It’s also good for me to spend time caring for them, picking off their dead leaves, feeding them, talking to them, and tasting the amazing-tasting (I know, not a word) fruit and produce as a result of that care.

So, to add to those self-seeding plants that I have carefully dug up and planted elsewhere to brighten a space, I bought myself a few extras to tackle an overgrown, weedy corner plot. The Carex will be potted, along with the Catnip (for Puss, lol), but the other will be planted in the ground, to bring much colour, texture and movement next year.

All the plants were reduced, so nice examples of utilising what Nature has given, and also abundance to write in my GAP journal (Gratitude, Abundance and Positivity: credit to Will Foster: coach)

A lovely way to raise the vibration of the area, and using what space and resources I have. <3

Do you love getting your hands dirty and tinkering with plants and seeds?

Pampas Grass on a concrete patio outside.