Yesterday I got triggered.
This means intense emotions came bubbling up to the surface after something had been said to me. It was organic, and not expected.
The person had actually NO intention of triggering me.
So I just want to take you through my ‘process’ in these cases.
Firstly, SELF-AWARENESS that I have been triggered, and what my mental, emotional and behavioural RESPONSE is, and what triggered it.
Secondly, this is my trigger to resolve. OWNING my trigger is my responsibility.
Third step is about RELEASE: using my skillset of tapping for instance to help myself feel the emotions, beliefs on a bodily level and then tap it out.
I have other ways, but this is my go to.
That’s it put very simply. and the online class on the 2nd Friday of every month will be based very much around this format.
So, if you want to come, check the Events section on FB, or my previous post, or the Eventbrite link here: Group Tap to Release the Cr*p Monthly Event