When we were out and about at the weekend, look what we witnessed. A beautiful strong, vibrant rainbow, which often means ‘angels are watching over you’.

I love seeing rainbows. They bring back the magic of being a child. We talked of how no matter how much you follow the rainbow, you’ll never see the end, nor find that elusive pot of gold!

They are quite hypotic to watch though too. Really SEEING them, every colour, picking it out. Such a bold statement from nature.

We also were given the number 77 plenty of times during the day: ‘on the right path’, which they show me.

And whilst I was with my brother, as we were talking, we encountered a ‘wet dog’ smell. It appeared from nowhere and went just as fast and there was nothing in the house that could explain it. He couldn’t also put it down to anything either. The smell coming and going so quick, just felt like Spirit all over.

What signs have Spirit been showing you lately?