So, Christmas time is a-coming and your vet surgery will be shutting.

Do you know when they shut on Christmas Eve?

Do you know when they re-open?

Check your medications and repeat items to make sure you have enough to see you through till past New Year (or whatever they will allow in accordance with your pet’s care/condition).

If not, please ring them at least a week before, so you don’t leave it till the last minute, as they may not have them in stock, be able to get the supply, and are often dealing with last minute emergencies on the days running up to Christmas.

Try not to add to that with enquiries/requests that could have been dealt with sooner. I speak from experience, not judgement. Help them to help you.

If you are concerned re your pet in the days leading up to Christmas, contact them sooner rather than later to discuss, rather than stressing on Christmas Eve, and having a last minute appointment, if you can get one in, as they will often only be able to see emergencies.

Do you know who their emergency vet will be during the time they are closed?

Their telephone number?

Their address?

Opening hours?

In my area, we have several out of hours:

Newnham Court Vet Surgery on 01622 734555

Vets Now Gillingham: 01634 780073

What are your Out of Hours Vet’s contact details and address?

Phone your vet surgery and ask. Have that information on file.