Today I got to see these lovely doggos around some emotional issues surfacing as behavioural issues.

As soon as I reached the front door, I felt a wave of intense grief wash over me and there began our consultation! This has only happened to me once before, but when it did, it was again a doggie holding so much grief they couldn’t bear it.

As we settled in, I went to use my Aromaflow oils with both dogs, at which point the Lurcher Cross Gracie pretty much walked off, and the feeling was very much “I don’t need these, he does”

And she was right.

Pets Feel Other Pets’ Hearts too!

You see beautiful Storm, a lively spaniel, had lost his Dad a while back, as he passed to heaven. Storm’s now owner opened her heart and home to Storm and they took him in. At which point, the issues in question got worse.

Gracie had been barking at dogs ever since her lead got entwined with another dog and she couldn’t get away. But when Storm arrived, her behaviours changed for the worse – barking, chasing and baring her teeth to other dogs. So, I knew there was some correlation with Storm at the very least!

Using AromaFlow

Today, Storm got to release a lot of emotion. As I was offering oils his head stayed firmly in the box, clearly telling me “you have not selected the right one for me”, and my instinct said ‘Yarrow’ and indeed that was bang on (thank you Storm, I love the ways they tell you!!). He had massive responses to this oil, a very short sharp body release twice, very visible to the human eye; he ingested, he sniffed, and continued doing so, until both me and his owner could see he wasn’t trying to lick the bottle or paw my hand for the oil. He at this point seemed so much calmer, happier and lighter.

But I still felt grief. And lots of it.

Using Surrogate Tapping

So we begun surrogate tapping next – this is where we tap for the animal, as the animal. And generally at this point, I am blending with their energy.

Many of the words I uttered were channelled, or felt, and he gave me other phrases and words to add in, or tell me how he felt about his dad’s passing, and that time, which his current Mum could affirm. I had tears gently stroke down my cheek as I worked with him releasing, releasing.

“I didn’t get to say goodbye” – ooh, that one really hit my heart bless him, and we tapped and tapped again for him. I communicated with him too, and let him know it’s ok to grieve and miss Dad, and also how he could call him close too from Spirit. Not the first time I have spoke to a pet about doing this.

Displaying Shifts in Energy and Emotion

It was interesting to see the changes happen whilst I was there.

Early on before we started, the post came. Me and Mum didn’t even hear it. They were both off the settee like a shot, barking intensely. After some work, the storm with torrential rain hit. Storm (sorry no pun intended) got off the settee and just looked so excited. No barking, which Mum declared was unusual. He was definitely excited about rain, being out in it, “let’s play”. I was led by his behaviour. Us humans chose the dry, yet encouraged by me to “show us”, he came back, ball in mouth to join us. But still his energy was calmer, more controlled and grounded, than it has been before.

Using Sound Healing

After some tapping with Storm, it was then time to work with Gracie, the Lurcher X. How could I leave her out!!

With her, we used some tuning forks, working with the OM, weighted Om and generally took it at her pace.

Given her background, which we believe could have involved abuse and neglect from previous owners, I worked with her possible and real traumas in mind, careful with the forks, offering her “friendly eyes” gesture, soothing calm voice, and letting her know, she could refuse any fork, and I would respect that.

But she loved the forks, eyes glazing, stretches, more relaxed body language and soon her head was on the cushion ready to sleep. She will have been taking in the oils at a distance too from earlier on, and also we talked to her about her past, being abandoned, and how that was actually a good thing in this case, and working with a trauma she had suffered too and allowing her to see other perpsectives around it.

Working with You

I taught her owner some other techniques to work with both doggies, and ways her own energy can be managed and utilised in circumstances to convey safety and reassurance. As always there are points of consideration for owners too, and that is between myself and the owner. Her owner’s reply is at the bottom of this post.

The Peaceful Results Speak for Themselves

As I left, Gracie was so chilled she couldn’t be bothered to get up, lol. Storm did come with us to the door, but his behaviour was very different to when i arrived. He sat patiently waiting which his owner said is not normal for him. He did not bark, jump or anything else. He just sat, patiently, calmly.

The photos are them both at the end of the session, pretty chilled and zonked.

His owner I hope has treated herself to a lovely nap, as working with the oils and forks does not just affect pets, it influences our own energy too.

And I look forward to seeing how they continue to heal, and how the work today has helped more in their lives together.

As always, it was a real privilege to work with them, and they tell you so much if we allow ourselves to see, hear and feel that.

Until next time, Gracie and Storm. 🙏 <3

Gracie, a brindle whippet, chilled out on a cream blanket on a grey leather settee after receiving tuning fork sound healing.Update, 20.7.23, from their owner Lisa:

“Thanks Victoria Smith-Gillard – Ametrine Holistics Ltd for working wonders on my fur babies (and me). They got some much needed energetic TLC, as did I, from their healing session.💞
It’s amazing how connected our emotions are to our pets as well as the people around us. It hadn’t even occurred to me that they could be influencing my energy field as much as I was theirs.
It was a good release for us all and I recognise now just how much heaviness I have been carrying myself and on their behalf’s.
I am allowing myself plenty of rest (and sleep) this week as my body continues to release lots of heavy energy. I also feel the recent new moon has also intensified this for me too (divine timing 🥰).
It’s reminded me of the importance to check in regularly with my own emotions, something I’ve let slide as of late, so that it doesn’t get so heavy next time.
I invite you to do the same. Allow yourselves some time to check in with your own emotions today and give your body what it needs to feel a little bit lighter. ❤️ 💫