Sometimes in life, no words are the right words

No words or actions will take away someone’s pain

No words or actions will bring a loved one back.

Grief is a process we all have to move through.

In our own way.

In our own time.

You can send love.

You can send healing.

You can offer support…or space.

But grief has its own path.

Its own messages.

Allow yourself time to grieve, to hear and feel the parts of you that are raw, numb, sad, angry, or whatever emotions may be present.

Grief is love with no place to go.

But the first place it needs to go is yourself.

Now a star in the night sky, looking down from her cloud. Beautiful baby, you were taken to soon from your Daddy . Continue to be that beautiful soul that you are. I was glad i could say goodbye. Fly high little one <3