Grief comes in waves, and when you least expect it.

Today i was walking round a festive fair.

This ‘sleeping cat’ just got me.

And that was at the start!

A few other items cat-related did too for various reasons.

At one point i did have to wipe away a few tears and thought they may not cease.

Then i happened across ‘Crafts for Hearts’ and a lovely lady from Wigan. We chatted for a bit and i explained what has happened. She was lovely. Just listened, compassion, heart.

When I’m in Wales i may well be taking myself to their space as you can craft and chat with likeminded people.

I love going to fayres like this to see the handmade items. It inspires me and i envelop myself in it. I am very kinaesthetic so touching the fabrics, felt, wood, textures basically, satisfies that sense.

Few tears as i wandered, ok one minute and not the next.

I obviously have a lot of grief to release and let go of!

Certainly it will not all be related to beautiful kitty, but her heart healer soul means i am releasing much more with her passing.

And her legacy is also in the offing.

I have spoken to her the other day and she is receiving healing for the trauma (RTA) she went through. Was lovely to connect with her, and also her big sis who needed a chat too.

In these times, remember to be even more compassionate with yourself, even kinder to yourself, and take each day, each moment as it comes. Because grief knows no bounds, it will pop up when you least expect it.