Wow, just come off a session with my client today, and to say we are both a bit blown away is probably an understatement.

We started by working around unravelling a limiting belief using parts therapy, and then alongside that, do as I often do: go to using tapping to work with emotions around that belief.

However, Spirit, the Universe, whatever you wish to call it, decided to take my client down a very different path today.

When i tap, I sometimes work with words, sometimes not, as we are tapping.

Today was one of the days when we did work with words.

Unusally though, they took a very deep, mystical, spiritual path.

My client came out of that feeling very grounded, yet floating and buoyant at the same time.

But the Universe wasn’t done yet….

We were talking with my client about insights they had had from the session, and suddenly the next phase of today’s healing began.

Questions were asked at a cellular level, answers were given and we began our work.

But then my eyes glanced onto my piece of paper, onto what i had written that my client had asked themselves as a question, around a fear of water.

Suddenly, I knew where Spirit were taking this.

A Lemurian Surprise

My client was guided back to the times of Lemuria and its downfall, and profound healing and wisdom was attained by my client.

The syncronicity abounds me, as I had only read an article on the unfolding of its downfall a couple of months prior, which had hit me like a brick. My cells had spoken and my tears said it all.

And I truly believe from my bodily response that I was there, holding space, at the downfall of Lemuria as it went under water, chanting to keep the vibration high and the impact of the trauma low for all.

Going back to my client, what she had said sparked an intuitive hit, that the article related to my client too. That she in another life had been there at its downfall.

And in this work, I go with those gut feelings or hunches.

Now I never like to influence, so I didn’t voice my suspicion, but I asked my client a question poignant to the downfall and their body answered for them, a visceral reaction.

A remembering.

And then we worked to release the trauma of that event.

They came away from the session feeling very grounded, with many insights, a deeper understanding of themselves, of others around them, and of their purpose in life.

I also sent them the article by email to read about the Lemurian downfall.

Never did I ever think as I logged on today that was where we were heading, but it just shows you to trust in the Greater Good, they knew. They knew what needed to be healed today, and it was.

I felt very privileged and honoured to hold space for my client, as they navigated the session today, moreso than ever before because of what we were working with.

The limiting beliefs, fears and emotions we carry are not always from this lifetime. They can often be from birth, past lifetimes, or even ancestral lineage, amongst others.

As we heal, we heal the collective. There is no separation, we are all one. So remember, as you venture on your own healing journey, you heal the collective too. Because there is only one unity consciousness <3

N.B. Pictured is Mount Shasta, a very magical mystical place in California which is meant to be the home of what is left of Lemuria somewhere in/under the mountain. Often referred to now as Telos, if you wish to google more about that information.