Empathy in Animals

Most hear me talk a lot these days about how dogs are empathic, meaning they pick on how we are feeling, not just emotionally, but physically as well, because it is all energy whether it’s a thought or belief, an emotion from a past or present experience or trauma, or an ailment thought of metaphysically (which I work a lot with).

These boys taught me that I was not crazy. That I was right to think that and here’s why.

Example 1

When these lads came to me on 16th December last year, a few days prior I’d had to let go of someone from my life because they weren’t good for me. They triggered in me the belief, set up in my past, that I was unlovable.

Now when the boys first came, Trigger got straight out of his box, and went straight behind the settee. He didn’t come out at all, unless he needed food, water or his loo. This lasted for 2 days and I thought this was quite normal to be honest, new house, new environment.

However, when my belief’s emotion became so strong that I wanted to metaphorically blow all four walls out of my flat to feel freer, and couldn’t spend too long with people, I knew I had to act. Fast!

So I did parts therapy on myself.

I hated myself for being unlovable, and had to talk myself into understanding that was not the case, it came from the past. I released the belief.

And this is where the magic happened. As I was releasing this belief with my eyes shut, I could feel fur against my arm, and when I looked up there was the boy himself, Trigger. And he NEVER went behind the settee again.

To me, this was him picking up on my limiting belief, and mimicking that as he was avoiding the love I wanted to offer him. But as soon as I released it and he could feel it releasing, he came out and never needed to go behind there again.

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