I accompanied my friend and their cat to the vets yesterday, as I know this kitty well, she means a lot to me, and I used to work in the vet industry so can sometimes help with information and knowledge that a vet may be wanting, or relaying.

I went into the consult room with my friend, and we actually both used some of the owner/pet bonding techniques to connect with their cat and be with them when they went into the treatment room for bloods to be taken.

Connecting with a Cat’s Limbic System (emotions) to calm

We also used Pet Remedy (PR) with my friend’s cat, to keep her as calm as possible too.

PR contains Vetiver, Valerian absolute, Clary Sage and Sweet Basil and these all have properties that help calm animals. It also helps humans too to keep calm 😉

I sprayed some on my t-shirt so that my friend’s cat could smell this when she was cuddling up in the consult room.

Inhaling goes straight to their limbic system, which relates to their emotions – so inhaling those scents, helped her release emotion and remain calm.

The reason I became a Distributor for PR is because I was recommending it all the time! I recommended it yesterday as well to a lady who was sitting with us in the ‘cats only’ corner, as her cat gets very stressed and defecates in his carrier apparently.

PR was sprayed in her carrier a while before we went, and also wiped onto her muzzle briefly as it is water-based and allows them to inhale it and start to calm also.

The Result

Ways and means to make my friend’s cat feel the calmest she could be, given the circumstances. And the vet actually said she was the calmest cat he had taken bloods from, which I put down not only to her handling in the treatment room, but also to the Pet Remedy and connection techniques. Owners have strong bonds with their pets, utilising that in situations to everyone’s advantage is a must.

Managing Your Energy During a Vet Visit

Keeping my energy calm was also paramount to allow kitty to know everything was ok. Slowing my out-breath activates my own relaxation response in the nervous system, which she can then feel. Managing my thoughts (which affects how i feel) wasn’t really needed here as I am familiar with the industry and what we were dealing with, but keeping my friend calm was more my focus.

I communicated with kitty before we went to the vets. and just before she went through to the treatment room, telling her what was going to happen next and that she would be coming back to us, that she was safe.

Communicating, to me, is so important so they know what is going on. The same as we would want to know that too!

Put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would be feeling being taken off with no knowledge of where, why, am I coming back….and so on.

If you would like to learn more about animal communication, I have ‘introduction to Animal Communication’ workshop coming up on 17th Sept, so feel free to hop on to the Featured section in FB to learn more about it. Spaces still available.

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