I really felt like I needed to get out of the house on Sunday.
Saturday had been a needed, yet tiring and somewhat poignant day, and when I woke up Sunday morning, everything in me said we need to be out in the fresh air and get some exercise.
Self-care is important for all of us, so I endeavour to walk my talk as much as I can.
Listening to my body, my heart, and my needs.
I was going to attend a local country market, but alas, time was not on my side, so instead I took myself back to my ‘spot’ – Leeds Castle, as I knew the benefits would far outweigh the market.
Having been brought up by the sea, I love being by water. So If I can’t get to the sea itself, somewhere like this is ideal.
Lakes, nature, and wildlife.
As a child, our parents knew a farm in the next town who had a duck pond, and we used to go down there regularly to feed the ducks.
So naturally, feeding the ducks is a lovely memory for me, and as I love working with and talking to animals, it’s even more layered.
I already had some duck food, so off I went to feed the ducks, thoroughly enjoying every moment.
I talked to them, fed them directly from my hand, and made sure I paid attention to the timid ones holding back, and the ones that kept running away from the ‘bully’.
It was fun. And my inner child loved connecting with them, feeding them, and always comes away feeling content and calm.
What childhood memory do you have that you still get to activate?
Do you initiate self-care: listening to your body, your heart, your needs?
It’s important to look after you, because no-one else can know you inside as well as you can!