As you read this, I will be getting ready to go and climb over the O2! I’m as prepared as I can be, and I have my Cinnamon Trust vest to display.
In the meantime, I’m proud to show my Certificate for my CPD training in Past Life Regression. I have now completed all the training, practical and theory, and watched extra videos, and for my own benefit and others, I am now onto some case studies to see some of its full potential.
A few studies already underway.
I’m excited how this will be able to help people, how similar it can be to when I work with Parts Therapy sometimes, and how amazing Hypnotherapy in all its different guises can be.
I have learnt a lot about myself through working with past life information. And I am sure others will too!
And it doesn’t just stop with us. A new area I will be looking into will be working with this with our pets!
Yes, you heard me right! Our pets!
I’ve already done it once. I will be doing it again!