Today is National Hug Your Cat Day

Now Puss isn’t much of a hugger, so we won’t ‘hug’ her today in the conventional way, however…
I can go and lay down with her on the bed and touch her paws, or my arm round her body, sending her love
I can definitely snuggle up with her on the bed tonight, which means she often curls into my arm or on my arm, so we can hug then.
But the one thing I won’t do, is try to make her something she is not. She doesn’t like being picked up and hugged, so we won’t do it.
If you force your pet to do something, just because YOU want to, there is stuff to heal. Disrespect, needing love, wanting to control, there can be various reasons.
So, respect them, their needs and their current wishes. It doesn’t mean in time she won’t want and seek out a hug, and very occasionally she does. Then I will hug her.
But I want to respect Puss, so I will do what she is comfortable with.
So on this special day, tell them how much they mean to you. What it means to have them in your life. Think gratitude for all they bring with their personality, their company, their quirks, their love, their play, etc. Praise them.
Appreciate who they truly are, foibles and all, as we are all imperfect. And what (human qualities) you dislike in them, you dislike in yourself – so send yourself and them love for those too, because they are sharing with you a message.
They are truly our messengers and our mirrors, they are here for so much deeper reasons than we can possibly imagine.
Send them love, gratitude, appreciation and give them a hug if they are ok with that.